The Bed & Breakfast

Your Hosts

The Torrey Schoolhouse Bed and Breakfast Inn is a DBA of Retreat Property-LLC, with Ty Markham as owner/designer and proprietor.   You'll enjoy our friendly and well-trained staff! 

Ty (Markham), former teacher, principal (now clinical psychologist) not only rings the school bell at 8:30 to get you to take your seat (at the table), but also prescribes hospitality as your elixir for wellness.  Her hosting will make your stay comfortable and delicious! 

Diana, orginally from the UK, brings you her British wit and charm, as well as her PG Tips for morning tea!

Janae, local guide and great cook, prepares yummy recipes, and is our resident expert on maps and info about trails and hikes in the area.

Will (Markham), expert cook, server, accountant, and Reiki master helps us maintain a healthy and restful atmosphere at the B&B.

Veronica (AKA "Ronni"), energetic nature and wildlife enthusiast, is perhaps the most experienced cook & hostess we've ever had!


We have chosen to live in the Capitol Reef area because of its rich cultural and geologic history.  This (and more) we are eager to share with you during your stay!



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